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Futsal defense tactics

In futsal a good defense tactic can be the key for achieving positive results, especially when playing against a better team. Every coach has to prepare his team and individual players on several defense tasks. Futsal tactics in defense can be divided into three categories: (a) team tactic (4 players), (b) group tactic (3 or 2 players) and (c) individual tactic (1 player).

(a) Futsal team defense tactic

There are several factors that we have to consider when deciding how our team will play in defense (depending on both teams):
  • Technical skills
  • Tactical skills
  • Condition
  • Number of players
In futsal it is very important to know how the opposite team is playing and based on that we decide for the right team defense tactic. We can choose from:
  1. Low or zone formation: is a defense formation where all players are positioned low on the pitch (in front of the defending goal). Every player covers a certain part of the field and is focused on preventing shots on goal and not on stealing the ball.

  2. Middle formation: is a defense formation where we make pressure on the opponent that has the ball in possession. Defenders are waiting the opponent player to make a mistake and/or a bad pass.

  3. High formation or pressing: is a defense formation where every player marks his opponent across the whole playing area.

  4. Formation on set pieces: is a defense formation when the opposite team has a set piece (free kick, corner kick or out). We can chose between player on player defense or space defense.

  5. Forced formation (with a lower number of players): is a defense formation when your team has fewer players on the pitch than the opponent, that is, when the opposite team is playing with their goalkeeper.
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